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  • Preventive Health Care & Health Promotion

    Preventive Health Care & Health Pro

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  • Psychology Services

    Psychology Services

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  • Quit Smoking Advice

    Quit Smoking Advice

    We recognise that smoking cessation is very difficult and offer a number of treatments to help with this. Lung cancer is the 5th most common cancer in Australia and causes 1 in 5 cancer deaths with…

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  • Sclerotherapy


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  • Skin Fillers

    Skin Fillers

    Filler injections are a cosmetic treatment used to smooth wrinkles or pitted scars; mainly to volumise and enhance the aesthetic proportions of the face. Skin fillers can be use to reduce the ageing changes of the…

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  • Skin Treatments

    Skin Treatments

    Yim Clinic is equipped with a Spectra-XT Q-switched laser; the latest cutting edge device for a variety of facial procedures. A carbon peel, followed by laser toning can be used to improve the color tone of…

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  • Travel Medicine

    Travel Medicine

    We keep a large number of travel vaccinations in our dedicated vaccine fridge which immunise against: Hepatitis A Polio Typhoid Cholera Meningitis Diphtheria We can also update immunity against: measles mumps rubella whooping cough influenza including…

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  • Vaccinations


    We provide all childhood vaccinations that are free to holders of Medicare cards. The Practice Nurses are immunisation accredited providers and continually attend update courses on the changing paediatric vaccination schedule. Currently babies are immunised against…

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  • Women’s Health

    Women’s Health

    Breast cancer is the most common cancer for Australian women with a 1 in 9 lifetime risk. Over 14,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. The risk of developing breast cancer increases with…

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