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Skin Treatments

Yim Clinic is equipped with a Spectra-XT Q-switched laser; the latest cutting edge device for a variety of facial procedures. A carbon peel, followed by laser toning can be used to improve the color tone of skin. This treatment takes about 30 minutes and has no down-time. It can be repeated at intervals of 2 weeks. The result is a bright and glowing colour tone of the skin.

Another function is to treat spots of pigmentation. Freckles and lentigos can be treated with a special wavelength of light with this laser to reduce laser darkening after the treatments. Usually 2-3 treatments are required to completely treat the problem.

The last function of this laser is tattoo removal. Colour that can be treated are black, blue and red. Usually 5-10 treatments may be required, at intervals of 6 weeks.

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