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Nutritional Advice

We discuss a healthy diet and promote regular exercise. We regularly check weight and waist measurements and calculate the body mass index. This should be between 20 to 25 and is in the overweight range from over 25 to 30 and in the significantly overweight range if over 30.

Waist measurements should be:

    less than 80 cm in women
    less than 95 cm in men.

Health risks such as diabetes increase significantly if the waist measurement is above 88 cm in women and above 100 cm in men.

We refer to Dieticians if necessary and to Exercise Physiologists. There may be Medicare rebates for eligible patients, such as diabetic patients, for these services.

Diabetes is also increasing in our community and we advise on low fat foods with a low glycaemic index.

Reducing salt levels is beneficial in reducing blood pressure, as is weight loss.

Vitamin D deficiency is also an increasing issue in our community. It is to be applauded that people are heeding warnings to protect their skin from skin cancer but vitamin D levels have been decreasing. Our patients often spend working hours in offices without windows and then may exercise indoors in gyms so vitamin D levels are often low. It is recommended to have levels above 75.

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